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Mattress Genie Incline Sleep System

Item: 58-300R

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An affordable alternative to an adjustable mattress or bed!

Mattress Genie Incline Sleep System is an inflatable bed wedge that can be placed beneath or on top of any traditional mattress. It allows you to sleep comfortably in an inclined sleeping position. and gradually lifts and lowers your upper torso and hip area up to eight inches.  At the touch of the glow-in-the-dark button, you can experience relief while resting at optimal elevation. Works with any mattress or base.  Easy set up, no tools required.

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  • Item Details
    • Alleviates abdominal and stomach pressure and is the optimal incline for symptoms associated with Acid Reflux, GERD or heartburn
    • Ease breathing & respiratory relief from symptoms of Cold or Flu, Sinus, Allergies, Asthma, COPD
    • Quiet snoring through the night
    • Great bed for seniors or caretakers as it eases the process of getting out of the bed
    • System lifts and lowers the upper torso and hip area up to 8 inches to alleviate abdominal and stomach pressure
    • Accommodates both back and side sleeping
    • The 48"" elongated wedge provides full body support and a gradual incline
    • Glow in the dark controls
    • Measures: 36" x 21" x 14" (Twin), 50" x 21" x 14" (Full), 56" x 21" x 14" (Queen), 72" x 21" x 14"  (King)


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  • Product Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers

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    • How long does it take to inflation a King mattress unit to full height? For a heavy King mattress will it slide down while inflating? How noisy is the air pump?

      How long does it take to inflation a King mattress unit to full height? With solid inflation, you need about 5 minutes fully inflate the air bladder.

      For a heavy King mattress will it slide down while inflating? Typically the mattress will not slide down but having a footboard in place helps prevent any slippage.

      How noisy is the air pump? We would compare the sound of the Mattress Genie motor to a hair dryer or shop vacuum. The sound is only during the inflation process, once you have the air bladder inflated to your preferred height, the sound will stop at the release of the button.

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