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Instant Garage Door Screen

Questions & Answers

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  • Does this screen meet in the middle with magnets?

    Yes there is a center opening with magnet closure for easy entry.

  • How does this item attach to your garage door

    You can attach by either drilling screws to your door opening or hammering nails.   The screw mounting hardware is included. 

  • How many magnets are in the middle?

    There are 4 sets of 2 magnets down the center of the net for easy opening and closing.

  • Can you roll it up and use garage door yet?

    The screen goes on the outside of the garage door frame, so the door can be closed with it installed.

  • Does it have to be screwed or nailed every time or does the screen come down and a frame stay up?

    You just screw/nail it one time and leave them up.  When you want to you can remove the screen and hang it back up at your convenience.

  • What keeps the screen from moving especially at the bottom in windy weather?

    There are metal poles in the kit to insert into the bottom to add weight to the screen and keep it from flying up.