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Clorox Scrubtastic Multi-Purpose Turbo Scrubber and Cleaner

Questions & Answers

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  • Does this dispense the soap too?

    It does not dispense the soap, you can just apply your cleanser directly to the fixtures or anywhere you are cleaning and proceed to clean with the scrubber.

  • Can you buy replacement brushes

    Replacement brushes will be offered soon, please sign up for emails from us to be alerted when they become available.  

  • Can this be used to clean wooden doors?

    We do not recommend using this on wood floors as it may be abrasive to wood finish.  

  • How do I clean the brushes

    You can clean these with any cleansing soap you prefer and water, they are scrub brushes.  You can also use bleach if you choose.

  • can I use this to clean walls ?

    You can use these to clean any surface you would use a scrub brush.

  • How do you remove the brush to change heads!

    The brushes can be pulled off by hand.  They snap into place and can be easily pulled off when needing to be removed.

  • What type of battery does this unit use, and is the recharger included with the unit?

    This unit does not require batteries.  The recharging AC adapter is included with the unit. 

  • what is Warrenty

    This item comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Could this be used to clean baseboards.

    This product is great for cleaning baseboards.