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Bell & Howell Solar Animal Repeller

Questions & Answers

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  • Is the range relating to distance the sound is emitted or boundary that movement will trigger the unit? Sorry if I didn't see that in the ad.

    The range is related to boundary so you can cover a needed area.

  • Do I keep this on off, battery, or battery charge now that it is outside and in use??

    Please keep the switch in the on position at all times so the battery can keep recharging.

  • Will this keep woodchucks out of a garden will this keep woodchucks out of a garden?

    Yes, it's great for all small critters.

  • Does this noise effect dogs?

    Yes this product will keep dogs away from your yard.  There is an on and off button if you choose to turn it off while your dog is in your yard.

  • Will this harm pets inside the home

    This should not disturb your pets that are indoors.

  • Will this product keep garden snakes away?

    This product will most likely not work on reptiles or snakes.

  • Hello - we have several bird feeders on our property and enjoy seeing a variety each day. Does this device frighten them away?

    This product does not affect small birds.

  • Neighbor has about 10 dogs every time I come outside they start barking on the inside of there fence will this work to back them off and stop barking ? Thanks

    The unit will make dogs want to leave the area, but we cannot guarantee it will prevent a dog from barking.    

  • Is the coverage area directional and is it to the front of the unit? What is the size and shape of the coverage area? If is it an arc of coverage what is the angle of coverage (90 degrees for example)? If it is a rectangle of coverage what is the area of the rectangle? Thanks for your timely response.

    The detectors work up to a 70 degree angle from the front center of the unit, so if you need coverage behind the unit you should place another one facing the opposite area.   

  • how much sunlight and how long does it take to recharge the battery?

    For first use, the product should be charged in the sun for 1-2 days.   After initial charging, it should be recharged for least 4-6 hours, but the time can vary depending on the amount of sun available in your area.

  • Is this device solar powered?

    Yes it is solar powered.  If you would like to use it in a non-sunny area, you can also use regular alkaline batteries to power the repeller.

  • I'm a backyard bird watcher. Does this product scare the birds away too?

    It does not affect small birds or insects.

  • Does the 70' model include strobe light?

    It is only available on the 50' model at this time.

  • Does this repeller work at night?

    Yes it does work at night, the sensor is motion activated so it can work at any time.

  • Can you turn it on and off? Will it bother my dogs that are in the house?

    Yes it has an off/off switch on the unit.  It will not disturb your pets that are indoors.