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Spot Watering System

Female threaded turning adaptors difficult to attach to male threaded ends. Add wet condition and the female connector becomes very slippery and difficult to grab and attach/unattached as needed. As a result of being difficult to handle one female adaptor broke off from its anchor. Life of these attaching connectors is suspect which have to be durable which in my view are not.
The three sprinklers do work for my needs which is hard to reach smaller areas.
Just hoping for a long useful life of this sprinkling system?
As far as cost is concerned this a bit pricey and have found the same design at a lesser price without having to add shipping costs. But it was definitely convenient and easy ordering from Domestity.
With all that being said with a product improvement for the connecting feature I would still order from Domestify.

Poor Quality does not last

Have this product since June --now Aug 10. 2018 and already it has broken. Now I only have 2 heads that work. Don't waste your money.


Set of 4 Easy Fit Chair Seat Covers

I don’t know if it’s working the red light keeps blinking and I don’t think it should do that but...

I would like to know if it should keep blinking

Perfect for what I needed!

Fit perfectly on my fence, had all the ties needed, and still looking great, I think it will last a long time!

Bugs Caught!

The Insect Trap is working well in our garage and no more bugs, this year there has been more then normal mesquitos and this unit works well!


Remote Controlled Cordless Picture Light


Instant Garage Door Screen

Efficiency rating on Riddex

We live in a southern state, which unfortunately has roach problems. FIFTEEN years ago we bought 2 of these. They have been 100% successful at preventing roaches in the house. We have found 2-3 roaches in the last month, so I'm thinking we need to replace
the ones we have. I mean, 15 years? What other product have you purchased that lasted 15 years? I'm going to order 2 more for our 1650 sq ft house. We put one in the kitchen, and one in a bedroom at the other end of the house.
I am not affiliated with this company or site in any way, so don't think I am advertising for them, but these things work 100% and last for years! They are SO worth the money. I hope they work as well for others as they have worked for us.

Privacy barrier

Very happy with this product. Just exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend.

portable sprinkler system

very poor workmen ship ,hose fittings kept coming apart had to use gorilla glue to keep them from coming apart


Lights look great on our huge deck!

Good choice!

Clever design as seen in adverts; working out just fine


Very nice and ease of usage & concealment.

Deck privacy

If it'still privacy you need, this is your fix!
We love it and it is very easy to install, not mention affordable. ..

Thank you for sharing this photo! Looks great!
Infared Driveway Patrol did not work

The prongs that hold the batteries were installed incorrectly. It would not hold the batteries. Oops, someone went to work sleepy.


nice products


Excellent product


Bell + Howell Solar Water Sprayer Animal Repeller

Potatoe Grow Bag

First time user, planted my potatoes in one, onions, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots and garlic all in separate bags. I like the Ideal of the front opening to get the root vegetables. So we'll see how it work, can't wait. Rene'e☺

Solar lights for yard

Not sure if lights would really work but they do. They don’t light up a path but they do guide you to where you want to go. I do like them even though they are small but work great.