Who Are We?

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Who Are We?

My name is Mary and I am the founder of Domestify.  I absolutely love useful and appealing products and have focused my lifelong career in bringing these exciting products to market.   After over 20 years in this industry working for several big companies, I found that more and more of my time was being spent everywhere else but on the products and customers…..so it was then that I knew it was the time I needed to start steering my own ship!  And this was how Domestify.com was born. 

If you are here then maybe you may not know us very well yet, so let's get to know each other!   We are located in Chicago, IL and my dream was to create a place to shop where we could build a personal relationship with our customers instead of being just another online retail store. 

So why buy from us?  

  • Because we put our relationship with you first, it's our number one priority and makes us from the big guys.  When was the last time you received a help phone call from a Big Box retailer?  We call our customers often if they ask for our help or want to chat about our products in more detail.
  • We can help you with product questions, order problems or other requests.  Supporting our level one Customer Service team is our level two Customer Service team who can tell you in more detail about the product you are considering, give helpful tips and maybe even share a recipe to use with that new pasta pot.
  • Most importantly, we listen to our customers when they have something to share with us.  So quite simply, if you're happy, we're happy.  

We gladly accept phone orders and can help you with your requests over the phone at 1(800) 604-2551.  Our friendly Customer Service agents are standing by ready to help.

So call us, even if you just want to say hi.  We know this is going to be the start of a great friendship! 

To reach us anytime to ask questions about a product, order status, any problems or to provide feedback, please choose below:

  1. Email us at Customerservice@domestify.com
  2. Call us toll-free at 1(800) 604-2551 and speak to a live Customer Service agent

We proudly offer a Satisfaction Guarantee for all of our merchandise and services. From our products to our friendly customer service, we strive to provide a positive shopping experience by meeting or exceeding your expectations.  We want to hear from you, if we did great or if we could have done better!

 So thank you for stopping by and happy shopping!



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